SAINT GERMAIN is a family owned wine importing agency based in Toronto, Canada, in association with LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and fine restaurants across the province.

We represent small and medium-sized wine producers from Europe and the New World countries. At this moment, we are dedicated to building strong relationships and effectively communicating with these producers with passion and care. We focus on looking for new marketing initiatives and ideas to increase their sales and brand position.

At SAINT GERMAIN, we are being careful to build a portfolio where there are no conflicts or overlaps in order to be able to focus on the products of one producer. It is very important for us represent only one quality supplier in any category and to ensure that we provide the best service possible on behalf of that supplier.

We strongly believe that doing things for the right reasons, with ethics, professionalism and much perseverance we will shortly establish a strong network of quality global minded suppliers will allow us to provide the best long-term representation in Ontario, Canada.

'The future looks bright for SAINT GERMAIN and the sky's the limit'

Welcome to Saint Germain Ltd
Toronto, ON, Canada - Phone: +1 416 554 7799